Joan Laporta invites the members to be more proactive in the life of the Club

30 of December 2020

This afternoon, Joan Laporta presented the electoral programme corresponding to the fans and the members of FC Barcelona in an event at his headquarters, at the Moritz factory, in which the pre-candidate gave the floor to the members of the management board; Elena Fort, Josep-Ignasi Macià and Miquel Camps.


As Laporta explained at the beginning, “today we present the first monograph of our electoral programme where we will talk about the Barça’s people, that is, the members, fans and supporters clubs, a social universe that gives meaning to the existence of Barça and fills the motto “more than a club” with meaning.

The presentation referred to the fact that “Barça is a sports club, but above all there is another reality: Barça is an institution. We are an institution that links certain values of citizenship, country and citizenship with sport. These are values that have been able to coexist with the demands of elite sport and high competition, while not showing any symptoms of incompatibility with professional and mass sport. “


miquel camps presentació programa socis barca
josep ignasi macia presentació programa penyes barca estimem aficio
elena fort presentació programa socis barca estimem laficio.jpg

The programme explains Barça’s “commitment to society”, a commitment, “which goes beyond its strictly sporting activity” and mentions in particular its people because it is its people, its members, the owners of the Club, and their fans, those who have given meaning to its existence and made it what it is and mean what it means ”.



The fans programme is presented in three blocks, each with specific actions:


1) Members, real owners of the Club

2) Supporters clubs, ambassadors of More Than a Club

3) Social commitment, commitment to equality 


joan laporta presentació programa social barca estimem
joan laporta presentació programa penyes estimem laficio

Among the different proposals are the reopening of the registration period to become a member of Barça; the possibility that members can buy the T-shirt with a 50% discount, or propose a change in the current law to be able to implement telematic and mail voting. In this sense, the programme contemplates the application of the electronic vote to the life of the Club when the new Law of the Sport allows it and whenever the maximum technical and security guarantees are had for their correct application.


The Social section also proposes a new model for a more participatory Assembly; family weekends, and a new entertainment space, among others.


For the Supporters Clubs, a new assembly of supporters club members is defended where to discuss everything; the maximum social and cultural involvement of the supporters clubs in their territory; new telematic tools for supporters clubs, and a World Supporters Club meeting.


With regard to Social Commitment, the programme subscribes with concrete proposals to zero tolerance for all forms of violence and discrimination, and defends the message of solidarity on the T-shirt. In addition, more members than ever will be encouraged to join the Club as a prelude to real parity; parity will be promoted in the governing boards in proportion to the members of the club, and women’s sport and the new generations will take shape on the world front line.

programa aficio joan laporta

Laporta closed the event by defending the work plan drawn up to “bring joy back to the culers, so that all the Barça fans can feel the Club close to them again, regaining the pride of being part of a unique phenomenon.


Barça has a potential for seduction, for enormous charisma, for its history, for its uniqueness, for its projection, and it must be valued again”. And in this sense, he recalled that “making Barça is not just about encouraging the team, but also about feeling part of a company of collective dreams and emotions that belongs to all the members of Barça. Nothing and no one will ever be able to take them from us. We all build Barça every day and we are and will be stronger insofar as we are all able to overcome the difficulties together. It’s time to raise the flag that holds us together and gives us the strength to push the team to victory. We must rebel against a certain defeatism. We are Barça and at Barça we never resign ourselves. We will not tire of working to make FC Barcelona a winning club again and to start a new stage of renewed hopes and shared successes. And that’s why we want to be more, many more, because everyone can fit in at Barça ”.

Here you will find the detailed contents of the electoral programme