Joan Laporta links the Barça Foundation to the United Nations Sustainability Objectives (SDGs)

07 of January 2021

This morning, Joan Laporta unveiled the program of the candidacy corresponding to the Club and the Barça Foundation in an event at the headquarters of the Moritz Barcelona factory in which Jordi Portabella, Antonio Escudero, and Joan Solé who have been explaining each of the three blocks that make up this section “We love the Club”: Sustainability, the Barça Foundation, and Country, History and Culture.

As Laporta said, this is “the second monograph in the program where we explain the plan we have worked on on three fundamental aspects that make up the motto “more than a club”: Barça’s commitment to building a more sustainable world; the new dimension of the Foundation, and the proposals for the Museum that link History, culture and country”.

In his speech, the pre-candidate said that “our commitment to sustainability, the Foundation and the Museum makes sense of our idea of more than just a club that is none other than Barça’s commitment to society beyond of its strictly sporting activity” and emphasized the aim of “wanting to set an example and take an active part in building a sustainable world”.


In the Sustainability section, Jordi Portabella, who has collaborated as an expert in the sustainability program and the Foundation of the candidacy and highlighted the environmental sensitivity of Joan Laporta, reaffirmed the full environmental commitment of Barça in the context of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. Therefore, actions will be developed in the environmental, economic, and mobility fields, based on a Climate Action Plan in line with the Paris Agreement that will identify and prioritize actions that contribute to meeting the globally approved lines. Incorporate charging points for electric vehicles in the facilities; enabling safe spaces for bicycle parking at the Stadium or having a 100% renewable electricity supply before the end of the term are other proposals that make up the Club’s sustainability package. A decarbonisation strategy will also be defined, a waste 0 policy will be implemented and the club’s ecological footprint will be calculated to minimize emissions. However, the figure of a Director of Sustainability at the Club will be created who will coordinate actions in this area and thus place Barça at the forefront of sports organizations for the generation of shared value.

Antonio Escudero, a member of the pre-candidacy management board, has focused on the Barça Foundation, one of the pillars of “more than a Club”. Escuredo said “the Foundation is in the Barça institution what the Masia is in the Club: the backbone of our values”.

The Foundation’s framework for action will be the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at eradicating poverty, combating inequality and injustice, and curbing climate change. In this sense, among the most outstanding points referred to the Foundation, alliances will be encouraged at the highest level for the commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Likewise, actions will be promoted to become a benchmark for international solidarity and the Foundation will be built on the pillars of People, Fullness, Peace, Country and Planet. All this to make the Foundation, the ambassador of the values ​​of Barça and Catalonia wherever it operates.

In the last section on Museum. Barça,History and Culture, Joan Solé, a member of the pre-candidacy board, spoke about the Museum, emphasizing the international dimension of the club. In this sense, the program highlights the role of the Club and the President as ambassadors of Catalonia’s values in the world. And among the different proposals, the recovery of the Advisory Board of the Historical Memory of FC Barcelona stands out; the promotion of the FC Barcelona Hall of Fame at the Museum; to strengthen the cultural link of the Club with the territory, to digitize the historical documentation of the Club for its preservation and dissemination or creation of scholarships on the history of Barça for high school and university students.


Joan Laporta concluded the event by highlighting the high social responsibility of Barça that “we will manage and direct in the ways that we consider fair and appropriate” and recalling that “being more than a club only makes sense if it is accompanied by the application in actions in five main axes:


1) commitment to society and constructive values

2) commitment to universality

3) commitment to democracy

4) commitment to the country

5) commitment to Barcelona.


“From the pre-candidacy, soon the candidacy, we will work tirelessly to be an engine of optimism so that all the people who love Barça feel comfortable with Barça. Our anthem also says it: it doesn’t matter where we come from, whether from the south or the north, now we agree, we agree, a flag unites us. “

Acte-presentació-programa-Joan Laporta

The Barça canvas in Madrid, a solidarity action


Joan Laporta has closed the presentation of the monograph of the Club and the Foundation announcing an action referring to the canvas of Madrid to make a collection in favor of the solidary cause of the club. “Ganas de volver a veros” – he explained – is a message with positive connotations, a sign of optimism that expresses that Barça is resistant and resilient and that we are ready for Barça to be proud of all Barça fans again ” .


The so-called “Madrid Canvas” will be distributed in pieces by those members and fans who feel challenged with the message while contributing a voluntary financial contribution that will be used for a charity cause of the FC Barcelona Foundation . “The canvas will therefore have a social return to close the circle.”


You will find all the details of the We love the Club Program and its proposals