Laporta presents La Masia as a Center of Sports Excellence for the sections and athletes trained at the Club

18 of February 2021

Joan Laporta, keeps setting out his program at the headquarters of the candidacy, at the Fàbrica Moritz in Barcelona. After the presentation of the vision of the Espai Barça last week, today it is the turn of the program corresponding to the professional and amateur sections.


Joan Laporta remarked that the sections “constitute one of the hallmarks of Barça, a club that since its origins has had a clear vocation as a multi-sport entity”.


“We are the best multi-sport club in the world,” he said. We have been European champions in all disciplines. We are a benchmark in world sport because all the athletes in the 4 professional sections fight every year to win all the titles in which they participate.” And he talked about La Masia as a Center of Sports Excellence for the whole Club that supports the sections and as a guarantee for all the athletes forged in the entity “.


The setting out was attended by the members of the candidacy Rafael Yuste, Josep Cubells and Aureli Mas, and by different representatives of the professional and amateur sections to whom he thanked for their presence, Jordi Trias in basketball; Enric Masip in handball; Fernandâo in futsal; Gaby Cairo in roller hockey; Laura Redondo and Eloi Rovira in athletics and Miky Delàs in field hockey

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Rafael Yuste, a confessed lover of the club, began by emphasizing the fact that “we have a great team, we have the best captain and we have winning morale”. Ours is the most important multi-sport club and we want joy to return to each of you because joy is contagious and that is what Barça deserves. For us, it’s not just about winning but how you win. We need to return to the family spirit between the sections, the spirit of all of us is one. “


The candidacy proposes a model of “own personality and greater autonomy. We want the leadership to return, the best professionals to return, which is essential to achieve excellence”.


“We have to work hard at La Masia, the dream factory that we have to take care of in all sports. Today there are 90 athletes and we have a congress in sight. We are interested in turning La Masia into a center of world excellence “. We will promote La Masia for all the added values it provides, and we will guarantee the economic and sporting sustainability of the Club. “We have talent at home.” Unification of criteria from La Masia to the first team and maximum importance of the Scouting department with training schools in all sections.


One of the main strengths is the gradual incorporation of women’s sports in all sections. Best services for each sports section of the club and an Athlete Service Office so you always know where to go. The athlete’s environment is as important as the footballer’s own. “One of the main desires we have is for the values to return to the club.”

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Josep Cubells presented the sports promotion section of the sections. ”I have always believed that the sections are not just for subscribers; they are the sports of anyone who is a member of Barça. This is one of the goals to be achieved. And he has advanced that there is a promotional program for the leading athletes. For Cubells “it is key that people like Norris, Epi, Juan Carlos Navarro, Gaby Cairo and Pau Gasol who are references in the club, must be able to have their space and therefore it is necessary to create the Hall of Fame in the new Palau Blaugrana” .


The programme also plans to open up itinerant workouts to get to know each other and spread the word about the sport everywhere to expand the base. For the candidacy “going to see the matches at the Palau must be an experience. In addition, it is necessary to get more interest in sports through sports at the Palau, either with junior teams and other disciplines such as top level .


Institutionally, it is necessary to strengthen the club’s presence in all sports, state, European or international bodies. That’s where the interests of our club are defended and they should be.


Among the elements highlighted by Cubells “creating an attractive basketball and consolidating the Basketball section in the sports elite, and recovering the Baseball section of the Club” as well as promoting a European competition for Under-21 players. 

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Josep Cubells has also announced that for the first time in the Club’s history, the handball section will have a women’s sports section.


Enric Masip has taken the point, at this point, to highlight the importance of the relationship of feeling with sport and explain his experience when he retired due to a back injury. “I can assure you that having a person at the club who empathizes with you to take care of you and squeeze at the same time is very necessary.” When things get tough, this feeling management is very important and you always need to draw on the experience. And, if I had the ball at a difficult time in the game, I would give it to President Laporta.


Aureli Mas explained the importance of the incorporation of players trained in La Masia and the intention to promote the introductory school of Indoor Soccer and referred to the amateur sections that will be strengthened and strengthened to have more relevance and recovery of the Baseball section.

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Laporta: “We are the best multisport club in the world”


Joan Laporta took the floor again to summarize and focus once again on the initial idea: “we are the best multisport club in the world. The history and track record of the sections attest to this. We have been European champions in all disciplines. We have legendary names, idols remembered by every generation of Barça fans. We have 8 highly competitive non-professional sections made up of very talented athletes who defend Barça’s colors every weekend ”.


The presidential candidate in the FC Barcelona elections referred to Barça and the sections as “a great sports family and we should be proud of it.” However, Laporta believes that in order to continue this model of success, it is necessary to be persevering and daring, to improve season after season the immense sports ecosystem of the Club ”.


Laporta thanked the intervention of all participants because he believes that “keeping the memory alive means keeping the greatness of the club” and referred to La Masia when he said that we have a cross-cutting premise that is La Masia, the added value in which grassroots sport is the key to making it economically and sportily sustainable ”.


At this point, Joan Laporta has announced the creation of a Center of Sports Excellence that will improve Barça’s successful sports model. “We have a very clear work plan. A plan for the sections, from the youngest to the first teams ”. “We believe that each section must have its own personality in its management, providing it with the necessary resources and tools. But they all have to work with a working premise that is transversal and is called La Masia. The added value that the daily work brings to the Club’s grassroots sport must be the key to the economic and sporting sustainability of the sections. The creation of a Center of Sports Excellence for the whole Club that supports the sections is the guarantee that all the athletes forged in the entity will enjoy a sports and personal training that will allow us that the multisport model of the Barça take a step forward ”.

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Laporta concluded “we have explained a work plan adapted to all professional and amateur sections, from pre-youngsters to the first teams. And we will have a special sensitivity in strengthening women’s sport at all stages and in all possible modalities because the best multi-sport club in the world must also be a reference in gender equality in the world of sport

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Finally, Joan Laporta referred to the Palau and the Petit Palau with “the desire to be soon the scenes of new emotions for all the Catalans and also the challenge for the hundreds of athletes of the entity who dream of arriving one day to reach the milestones of Jordi Trias, Enric Mas, Fernandâo or Gaby Cairo and they long to reach the excellence of Laura Redondo, Eloi Rovira or Miky Delàs ”.

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