The Madrid canvas "Ganas de volver a veros": from marketing action to solidarity action

22 of February 2021

Joan Laporta wants the marketing action of the Madrid canvas to have a social purpose and to serve a good cause in favor of the club beyond the advertising goal of the election campaign.


For this reason, from today all those who want to can get a reproduction of the canvas installed in Madrid, 29.7 × 12.15 cm, through a voluntary contribution that will be used in a solidarity project of the FC Barcelona Foundation.


Upon obtaining the canvas, each person will receive a letter from Joan Laporta as a credential for the reproduction of the canvas installed in Madrid between December 15, 2020 and January 14, 2021 with the slogan “Ganas de volver a veros “, in which he expresses his desire” that this action has its solidarity contribution and we will allocate the funds raised from voluntary contributions to a solidarity project of the FC Barcelona Foundation”, so the advertising action of the canvas of Madrid will close its circle with the return of some funds for a good social cause giving continuity to a successful action.


In this letter, the candidate emphasizes the importance of participating in the elections on March 7 as “this election is probably the most important in the history of the club” which is why he asks to be trusted to be president, both because of his experience and because he loves Barça.


In order to obtain the canvas, you must order it online and pick it up at one of the more than 50 points in Catalonia, Andorra, Perpignan, Mallorca and Menorca, different places of the Valencian Country and also in Madrid.


To ensure transparency, a specific current account has been opened for this action and contributions can only be made by bank card, either on the web or in person at the campaign headquarters.


Click here to get the solidarity canvas from Madrid

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